Purchase Order Funding


When a business finds itself in the position of not being able to promptly fill a customer’s purchase orders, it can be in danger of losing those orders and the potential profit they represent. Worse yet is the potential loss of any future orders from that customer.

The Benefits of Purchase Order Funding

  • The ability to buy inventory and grow sales without the need to find debt financing or equity.
  • The ability to grow without diluting equity.
  • Funding that is available quickly for unexpected customer orders or seasonal sales spikes.
  • Provides overseas manufacturers assurance to start production of goods knowing they will be paid.

Brookridge Funding has the following criteria for funding PO Transactions:

Fund your Imports

  • PO’s: Must be firm, non-cancelable orders from creditworthy customers for established product. Delivery dates must be readily achievable.
  • Suppliers: Must be established and dependable. Overseas suppliers will be paid by LC or cash against documentary collection. Product inspection is required as is shipping insurance.
  • Value Added: Is allowed provided it is not the major component of production.
  • Government Resellers: Brookridge provides PO funding to government resellers.
  • Repayment: If the customer is being given terms, a factor, asset based lender, bank or leasing company funds the resulting invoice upon delivery of the inventory and remits proceeds sufficient to retire the purchase order advance plus earned free to Brookridge.
  • Excluded Industry Segments: Construction and service industry purchase orders.